Below are some of Tim’s clients sharing their experiences of the miraculous healing received by Tim Wu.

    • July 8th, 2014
      From Carol Ritchie
      I wanted to write up a testimony for the work you performed on my shoulder a few years ago. You didn’t actually tell me what you were performing so I have had to describe it as best I could.
      I wasn’t able to move my left arm above my head without a lot of pain. In April of 2012 I had my first treatment with Tim Wu. He worked magic on what he described as 2 inflamed discs in my neck, by performing a form of qigong therapy on my shoulder area. I amazingly did not need a follow up appointment as I was cured and I haven’t had that same problem reoccur. Thank you.

    • Feb. 16th, 2012
      From Cory Garlock
      I decided to see Tim for recurring back problems approximately 1 year ago…Let me preface by saying that I had been visiting a chiropractor twice monthly for over 15 years…I didn’t see my back problems getting better…
      Tim’s treatment was very unconventional and not alike anything I had previously experienced…After 2 sessions I wasn’t sure it was going to work…However, after 3 sessions I started feel the benefit…
      All in all I visited Tim 6 times…My back is 90% better…I thought I was going to experience back pain and chiropractors bills for life…I had even considered surgery…Now this is all behind me…
      I would recommend Tim’s services to anyone who experiences back pain…

    • June 2011
      From Adrienne
      Before I met Tim Wu, I was a mess. I could not sleep properly, my heartbeat was irregular, my eating schedule was erratic but worst of all, my back and hip were in constant pain. Beside the sharp pain, my lower back was always burning, I had shooting pains down my right leg, my right leg frequently went numb and it often buckled. I had to stop training for my sport as well as take the year off university.
      After my MRI, I went to 4 doctors and 10 various therapists. Even though there was a diagnosis, nobody seemed to know what to do about it. There was total disagreement in treatment. Finally, I was told that surgery was my only option.Out of desperation, I went to see Tim Wu. He told me he was confident he could help solve all my problems. “No big deal,” as he said. At first, his treatments frightened me! His tapping method was unlike anything I had known. I was reluctant to continue treatment. However, one day, I was walking and all of a sudden I realized that I could not feel the pain in my back. It was the most unbelievable feeling.Tim says that he has realigned my spine and removed the inflammation. The medicinal herbs have helped me sleep ten hour nights. The herbs have also helped my heart and my digestion.I think that many people could benefit from traditional Chinese medicine. I cannot explain what Tim did, nor can I fully understand it. I can say, though, that Tim Wu changed my life. No words can ever describe my gratitude.

    • Dec. 20, 2010
      From Faudry, Medical doctor
      For some time, I have been suffering from pain in my wrists and hips; a friend has suggested that I see Mr. Wu for consultation; so I did. I received tapping and herb treatment.After three sessions I have observed significant improvement of my condition.Iam grateful to Mr. Wu for help. I thank Mr. Wu.

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