How to handle more stress


What causes us stress? Desire and worry. Why? Because, we will try your best to achieve what we want successfully if we have the desire, and we might have a hard time while we are trying to acquire what we want. Then we will feel stress. Worry is always a sticky problem for almost every person. We might not know what will happen tomorrow. We might be fired, be laid off, get in an accident, lose money, or be sick…who knows? So worry can also give us big stress.

And the stress will cause emotional issues, like sadness, fear, anger, and more. And any emotion issue can make us feel stress. Everyone has stress; the difference is just the intensity and how much stress you can handle. Lots of people believe most diseases come from stress. Is that true?

I believe that stress might cause physical sickness, but physical sickness can also cause emotional issues. Some people can handle more stress than others. Why?

From the theories of traditional Chinese medicine, different kinds of emotion issue might cause different organs to be sick. For example, anger might sicken your liver, sadness might cause your lungs or heart to be sick, and worry or too much thinking might sicken your spleen. That means you cannot handle too much stress if the functions of your organs are not strong enough. From another side, if some organ is sick or the function is weak, then we will be more likely to have certain emotional issues and get stressed. So we can say, we can handle lots of stress if the organs in our body are healthy and the functions are strong. We cannot avoid stress in our real life because we have to face to realities no matter what has happened or will happen; but we can try to overcome the stress, and handle stress more effectively.

Therefore, we need to have a strong body with healthy organs, and then we can handle more stress and will be happier.

There are many methods that can help us to release the stress, but most of them are just for temporary release. Practicing Qi Gong is one of the best ways to release stress and increase our ability to handle more stress. Qi Gong increases the level of our life energy and organ health, providing more energy to make them healthier and stronger. Meanwhile, it’s better to take some treatments to heal the diseases in the organs.

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