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Lots of people try to connect to the universe to get more energy into their bodies while they are practicing meditation. That is really a good concept. There is an endless amount of energy that we can get from the universe. But in fact, how many people can really get enough energy from their meditation? Most people, even those who have been practicing meditation for 10 years, 20 years or even longer, only get very little benefit. Why?

It sounds very easy that all you need to do is just calm down, empty your mind, don’t think about anything else, and just connect to the universe. But can you really keep your mind empty for even 1 or 2 minutes? This is the first question. And the second question is, have you opened your energy channel/meridians or other connecting points on your body? If not, how can you really get energy from the universe? I believe you can only get some relaxation from meditation; of course, it helps you make your body feel better, but you are not really getting energy from the universe, only your own energy flows better in your body.

We are living in a very busy world. We think or worry alot in our job and daily living in almost every moment. We are not living in the jungles or mountains with a simple life. Our brain is used to keeping busy. It is very hard to make it completely calm down for a long time. Our body cannot gather enough energy to open certain channel/meridians or some points on the body if we can not completely calm down.

The third question: what can we do to gather enough energy to open the energy channels or some points in our body since we can not completely empty the thoughts in our brain? The answer: we need to keep only one thought instead of a lot of thoughts in our brain and focus the thought on one point or area in our body to control our body’s energy.

That is one of the techniques in Chinese Qigong. When we can calm our mind we can get what we want by further practicing. We can get alot of benefits or ‘super functions’ after one of our energy channels and connecting points is opened.
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